App every day in August!

at least 25 apps in aug!

Welcome to App a Day in August!

So I’m going to be very bored in August, so I decided I’m going to write an iphone app almost every day!!! (I’m going to try my best)

If you have any suggestions for an app PLEASE email me at mrcomputermatt at gmail period com (subject line: App a day in aug)



-I MUST release the source code for each app (probably through filedropper)

-I DO NOT have to release each app on the app store

-By the end of the month I must have posted AT LEAST 25 apps AT THE MINIMUM

-I will be looking for feed back for each app.  At the end of the month I will choose the BEST 4 apps (determined by me as well as feedback I get from you guys) that will go on the app store for $.99

-App MUST provide at least a minute of entertainment value

Purpose: To enhance my knowledge of the iphone SDK and to provide sample material to others


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  1. Good Luck. I remember when Chris this on Windows Mobile. Can’t say the apps were that impressive, but ya gotta give the boy his dues. 30 apps in 30 days. Anyways…may the force be with you and I hope you have a tolerant girlfriend.

    Comment by luke | July 12, 2009 | Reply

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