App every day in August!

at least 25 apps in aug!

A new update

Even though it isn’t august yet I have a couple of announcements.

1. The first app SHOULD be released Aug. 1st, but if it isn’t then Aug. 2nd FOR SURE.

2. I have a really cool app I built a few days ago, which I will be including in this, so w00t w00t I have one app done, yes I know I didn’t write it during august, however I wrote it up very quickly (in about 2 hours) since I was extremely bored.

3. The first (or maybe second since I had a really good idea for another app that won’t take too long) app will be a “no agenda” soundboard if you don’t know what no agenda is then go to (this is the app I wrote when I was bored, but there are a few bugs in it that I still have to work out, so I won’t touch it until Aug. 1st 😀 )

4. I have decided to use the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license

5. I was going to write it all in the dvorak keyboard layout to be different, however the ; key broke during the conversion of my keyboard, which is used quite a bit, so I decided to keep my keyboard in the dvorak layout, but use it as qwerty so the z key is broken, since it is hardly ever used, so now when I use it I have to poke my keyboard with a pencil or screwdriver, ha ha, whoops. So I guess when I put 4 apps for sale the money will first go to buy me a new keyboard 🙂

6. I am personally recommending the book Beginning iPhone Development written by Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche since it really has helped me quite a bit in the past, and they have released a new book all about 3.0, which I haven’t gotten my hands on yet, but maybe I will soon.

7. I NEED MORE IDEAS PEOPLE!!! EMAIL ME AT mrcomputermatt (at) gmail (dot) com with any ideas!!! I need 5 more to make 25


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