App every day in August!

at least 25 apps in aug!

App #1!!!

Well, I had to use the macbook pro, since the backlight on my monitor is still broken, god I hate having less screen space 😦

But anyway, here it is!!!

(this is the one I built when I was bored)

No Agenda soundboard (


-demonstrates how to play sounds (using a non iphone framework(??))

-demonstrates how to connect IBActions to .xib files

-can make people crazy in meetings by playing “in the morning” after everything they say

Screen shot


Download link:

This app is a lot of copy and paste code, and took about 2 hours to fully build (that includes the time used to get the “listen to us..” and “monsanto” clips out of episode 113)


any questions, comments, complaints email me at mrcomputermatt (at) gmail (period) com


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