App every day in August!

at least 25 apps in aug!

App #6

Wow, at app #6 already!

Todays app may not seem like it’s useful, but it is.

It’s called iPug.

I would like to thank Buddy for being such a good sport while I took pictures of him for this 🙂


-multiple taps, tap once to wake, twice to sleep (without using a UIButton)


-How to load an image in UIImageView and change it

-More sound (sorry)


-see Buddy in his 4MP glory

-Shows how to wake a fat pug up



Download link (fixed):


– It takes a little while to load up when you build it, this is because I’m using the full image file, not compressed

– Sometimes it takes a few tries to double tap, sorry about that one

-The Creative Commons license is only for the code itself, I retain full rights to the images of Buddy the Pug

This was one of my longer apps to make, coming in at about 3 hours, mainly thanks to me switching how I was going to do it, first a shake, then with a UIButton, then back to shake, then finally to taps.


Any questions, comments, complaints email me at mrcomputermatt (at) gmail (period) com


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