App every day in August!

at least 25 apps in aug!

App #19

Today’s application is called “Rick” it uses the MediaPlayer (movie)  so it’s a large application.  Apple’s documentation and sample code for this framework isn’t really the best (if you could figure out the sample code for it I’ll give you a gold star, I tried for 3 hours to figure it out, I just couldn’t).  So I borrowed the code used appsamuck day 26 application LavaFlow ( to do it, which was perfect since I didn’t want the media controls to pop up (if you see the video I used you’ll see why).


-How to use the MediaPlayer framework easily to play movie files (.m4v in this case)

-Repeat the video file.  Which wasn’t going to be a feature originally, however when I saw the funny results I got from it I decided to add it (was part of the laveflow project, but I removed it and re added it)


Download link:


Any questions, comments, complaints email me at mrcomputermatt (at) gmail (period) com

Stupid memes!
P.S. I WILL NOT do an application using Game kit, this is because most of the good stuff uses bluetooth, and guess what! My iPod touch doesn’t have bluetooth!!! (it’s a first gen).  Yes I know you can use WiFi, but I kinda don’t really want to, since I only own one iPod Touch, and I’ll need two to test it.
So wait! How did you test the phone applications!   I had it return the URL after trying to get the URL, that way I at least knew it would try to do it

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